Jul 26, 2015

Ancient Wisdom on PEACEFUL RADIO

Music from the album Ancient Wisdom have been aired in the Peaceful Radio show hosted by Benno Veugen. Listen to Peaceful Radio here.


Oct 11, 2014

Review by eMusic listener

Ancient Wisdom is perhaps more ambient and chill out than some of the previous albums and because of the female voice samples I must admit this album will not be in my personal best list. Because my main interest is progressive rock I rather tend to listen to music with slightly more power, percussion and rhythm patterns. Still in my opinion Psicodreamics did come up with a truly nice and original album again and it will surely find its way to fans of the more ethereal, spacey type of music.


Aug 26, 2014


The track Bewitched by the Faeries from my album Ancient Wisdom has been featured  in the Episode 39 of Celtic Myth Podshow. Download it from the link below and enjoy Celtic Mythology. Recommended !!! Also you can see my contributor page on Celtic Myth Podshow here. Thanks Gary and Ruth for your support and for letting me be part of the Celtic Myth Podshow family.

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Apr 22, 2013

Ancient Wisdom on LA OTRA ORILLA

Ancient Wisdom played on La Otra Orilla radioshow hosted by Francisco Manuel López on Radio Despi (Barcelona, Spain)

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Mar 19, 2013

Ancient Wisdom on Lost Frontier's SAMPLER 13

Download for free the new Sampler 13 of Lost Frontier featuring Celtic music that includes the track of Psicodreamics Beltane Moon from the album Ancient Wisdom.

Download here